Our Company

LA SKENA is a new brand of high-end leather goods which offers its Smart Handbag.

The Smart Handbag  LA SKENA includes in its DNA the world of modern women who must stay connected.

Our name, LA SKENA is a word constructed from the Greek « skene » which in the ancient theater, meant that part of the stage where the actors played.

The pictogram is adapted from a cuneiform sign that represents a star.

LA SKENA is the wonderful handbag for stars!




"How often have you vexed yourself? Seing your laptop battery to 10% in the morning is never a good sign ... Thanks to the black leather handbag LA SKENA, do not be afraid anymore to leave the house without having recharged! Just plug in your laptop or tablet to the integrated powerfull battery in the bag. You can go to work without worrying about the charge level of your electronic devices. The bag can hold a tablet, two phones and all the office supplies (pen, calendar, notebook, etc.). The storage space on the side offers the possibility of holding a mug to start the day with hot coffee plus a rcharged laptop!" 

Myriam Roche, Silex ID